Jute is one of the raw materials we use for our bags. We manufacture this material in India and then we assemble our bags in Indonesia by hand.
This material is very resistant and is ecological as its fibres are extracted from a plant which is cultivated
in Bengale.


The material of our Canvas bags is made in Bandung (capital of the textiles industry) and assembled in Bali. This canvas of unbleached linen at its origine, is used in our various beautiful colors always preserving its natural pigments.


All our handle are 100% leather.


Raffia is a material originating from Madagascar, extracted from the leaves of a kind of palm tree. This is a very solid and ecological fiber that is assembled handmade in our factory in Bali.



Our collection in banana leaf is produced directly in Bali. It is handmade assembled and is ecological.

Shoulder Bag

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Amaryllis ..
Angeni Black
Angeni Black ..
Angeni Blue Camel
Angeni Blue Camel ..
Angeni Ecru
Angeni Ecru ..
Angeni Green
Angeni Green ..
Angeni Khaki
Angeni Khaki ..
Angeni Orange
Angeni Orange ..
Asha Black
Asha Black ..
Asha Blue
Asha Blue ..
Asha Brown
Asha Brown ..
Asha Ecru
Asha Ecru ..
Asha Red
Asha Red ..
Ayanna Black
Ayanna Black ..
Ayanna Blue
Ayanna Blue ..
Ayanna Camel
Ayanna Camel ..
Ayanna Camel Black
Ayanna Camel Black ..
Ayanna Camel Turquoise
Ayanna Camel Turquoise ..
Ayanna Red
Ayanna Red ..
Ayanna Turquoise
Ayanna Turquoise ..
Destiny Black Gold
Destiny Black Gold ..
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